Drain Cleaning Services in Scottsdale, AZ

Few things are more frustrating than constantly dealing with drains that aren’t working properly. Whether it’s having to deal with standing water up to your ankles in the shower or holding your breath while hoping your kitchen sink or toilet doesn’t overflow, drain issues cause major headaches for homeowners.

If you have drain issues, State 48 Drain Service is here to help. We have decades of experience and always educate our customers about what the problem is they’re dealing with and what it will take to fix it. What’s more, we are upfront about our pricing and have all the latest technology and camera equipment needed to identify and resolve draining issues for our clients. Let’s take a look at the different drain cleaning services we offer.

Bathroom Issues

Drain clogs in bathrooms are among the most common problems homeowners experience. Thanks to a buildup of human and pet hair, oils, soaps, shampoo residue and hard water buildups, your bathtub or sink may experience clogging issues. This often happens in your sanitary sewer lateral, which is the pipe that serves as a bridge to transport wastewater from your home to the public sanitary main line. If you find yourself in standing water every time you shower, or notice water is draining inefficiently when you’re brushing your teeth or washing your hands at the sink, you should consider having it professionally cleaned. Using over the counter cleaning solutions or tools could provide temporary help, but it could also lead to more significant damage if you’re not careful.

Kitchen Issues

Trying to use a kitchen sink that seemingly always feels clogged is difficult. If you’ve tried to plunge it and it still won’t drain properly, then it most likely indicates something is clogged in the pipes. Grease, oils, fats, coffee grounds and other foods could causing be causing the clog. Keep in mind, you should minimize what you put in your garbage disposal to prevent issues. You could also have a blockage in the “p” or “s” shaped pipe below your sink. Whatever the case, we will find the issue and rectify it for you.

Other Issues

Another common issue we find is roots growing in pipes and causing blockages When this happens, the best course of action is using a sewer cable to cut out the roots and tear apart the blockage.

Prices for Drain Cleaning Services

We work closely with our clients to make sure they understand what the issue is they’re dealing with and what the most cost-effective course of action is. These are the prices of the different services we offer:

Bathroom Drain Services

  • Clear bathroom sink drain with electric snake through a pop up: $180
  • Clear bathtub or shower drain with electric snake: $140

Kitchen Drain Services

  • Clear kitchen drain with an electric snake: $185

Main Sewer Line Cleaning Services

  • Cleaning the main sewer line with an electric snake from an existing ground level clean out: $230
  • Clean the main sewer line with an electric snake from existing ground level clean out and evaluate the damage with a special sewer camera: $320
  • Clear the main sewer line with electric snake from existing inside access: $275
  • Clear the main sewer line with electric snake from existing inside access and evaluate with sewer camera: $415

Hydro Jetting Services

Should you need grease cut from the drain system, we offer hydro jetting services. They include:

  • Hydro jet branch drain per drain: $200
  • Hydro jet main sewer line and evaluate with sewer camera: $300
  • Whole house jetting (up to 8) drains: $750
  • Whole house jetting (up to 16) drains: $1125

Other Notes About Our Services

  • We also clear laundry or flood drains with an electric snake for $140
  • If ground access is not available and we need roof access, it’s an extra $100.
  • Video inspection of main sewer line through existing access is $185
  • Video inspection of main sewer line through toilet or roof access is $300

Contact Us For Drain Services

Please note, our plumbers receive more than 120 hours of ongoing training throughout each year, meaning we are constantly implementing new techniques and strategies to clear out drains for lasting results. In addition, we provide sewer drain repairs, traditional water heater installations, tankless water heat installations and do bathroom remodels, among other services.  Reach out to us today at 480-477-8842 and 480-477-8835 to schedule drain related services.