Hello, and welcome to the State 48 Drains blog! Today I’ll be covering Polybutylene (PB) repair and replacement.

Let’s start with a brief history of PB. According to www.polybutylene.com, “Polybutylene is a form of plastic resin that was used extensively from 1978 to 1995.” Considered at the time to be “the pipe of the future,” PB was used extensively as a substitute for copper due to its low cost, flexibility, and ease of installation. An estimated 6-10 million homes were plumbed with PB during that time period so if you have it, you’re not alone!  Throughout the 1980’s lawsuits piled up claiming defective manufacturing and installation that caused hundreds of millions of dollars in water damage. Although manufacturers never admitted that poly is defective, a $950 million Class Action settlement was reached. PB is no longer sold in the United States.

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You can identify polybutylene by evaluating the water connection entering the home, exiting walls to connect with plumbing fixtures, and near the water heater. PB is usually gray or blue in color with copper fittings connecting each section.

If you have identified Polybutylene plumbing with a leak, spot repairs can be done. This involves using special fittings designed to connect existing Polybutylene with PEX or copper. When considering repair vs. replacement options you should be aware that repairing a leak at one location may result in additional leaks and “leak chasing.” Eventually all PB product will require replacement and may be more cost effective in the long term.

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